Case Reports

Stress, Insomnia and Low back pain

Female, Y62. Stress for more than 20 years. Insomnia for 2 years. Low back pain with sciatica for 10 years, getting worse in recent 5-6 years. Had 5-6 times of epidural steroid Injection in recent 3-4 years. After 3 times of acupuncture treatment, patient felt reduced stress and slept better with reduced low back pain and sciatica. After Additional 7 times of treatments, the patient felt no stress, insomnia was gone and the patient now sleep at night like “baby”. She felt no pain at the low back. Sciatica reduced significantly, but still not completely disappeared yet. Additional 16 maintaining treatments in 8 months were giving. The patients generally felt good, no stress, but occasionally, still has slight pain in the low back and leg.

Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s palsy is a sudden weakness or facial muscle paralysis resulting from a dysfunction of the cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve). The paralysis is generally unilateral and often occurs overnight without any specific cause that can be identified. Acupuncture is generally a very effective way in treatment of Bell’s palsy.

Case 1: Female, Y32. Bell’s palsy for 6 days, after falling sleep under an electric fun. This is her 2nd onset of Bell’s palsy. The first one happened 15 years ago. The lines on right forehead disappeared and the skin on her right forehead was not able to move. Right eye was not able to be closed. Mouth switched to the left. Labial groove became shallow. After 2x treatments: Significant improvement. Eye closed completely. Forehead line and labial groove return back. Mouth returned to the middle. An additional acupuncture treatment was done to further improve the condition.

Myeloma for 6 years

Male, Y66. Diagnosed with myeloma in Feb 2006. 2x Chemotherapy, 2x Stem cell transplant. Treatments are effective in reducing, but not eliminating cancer cells. Came to our office in Jan 2007 for treatment of neuropathy in feet and hands caused by cancer therapy.

Up to now, he has had acupuncture treatment 1-2x per week, for more than 4 years. During the 4 years, regular check-ups every 3 – 6 months have not suggested any need for additional cancer therapy.

At present, the patient feels healthy.

May 7, 2012.

Neck pain for 30 years

Female, Y60, Physical therapist. Neck pain for 30 years, worse in the last 3 years. Associated with L shoulder pain and numbness on L arm; MRI showed pathogenic changes in C5. Epidural Steroid injection reduced pain, but injections were stopped because of eye complications. 8 treatments in 2 months: Significant improvement. 30 acupuncture treatments in 6 months: Pain disappeared. 2 years after: No pain was observed. Sep 9, 2011.

Heel bone spur

A heel bone spur is actually an extra bone growth that develops on the outside of the bone at the hell. The heel spur, because it is part of the bone, typically do not cause pain. Generally, the pain generated from the heel spur is due to the soft tissue around the heel spur that gets irritated, inflamed and/or bruised.

52 year old, Female. Right heel pain 3-5 years, worse for 3 months. Pain could reach degree of 8-9. Wake up often at night. X-ray clearly showed R heel bone spur. Associated with hip, leg pain and shoulder pain, tennis elbow and stress. After the 1st treatment, heal pain reduced. After additional 5 treatments, once per week, heal Pain significantly reduced. After other 14 treatments, once per week, patient was able to hike and play tennis w/o any pain. Hip and leg pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow and stress either greatly reduced or even disappeared. After further 10 times treatments, once/w patient has no any complains. Maintained treatments 11 times in 5 months, during which patient felt good. Almost no any complains were reported. July 14, 2011.

Stress and fatigue after divorce

Male, Y59, University student. Stress and fatigue after divorce. Not able to concentrate on studies (1h), dropped half of courses. Poor sleep for 30 years, worse after divorce, only 4-5 h/night. Urinating 4 times/night. Stomach acid reflux 1-3 times/day, resulting in teeth pain, sore throat. After 30 sessions of acupuncture treatment in 5 months: More relaxed and happier, more energy. Improved concentration (4-5 h), taking full course load, became #1 in the class. Sleep 6-9 h. Urinating 1-2 times/night. Stomach reflux 1-2 times/month. May 29, 2009.

Knee pain after surgery

August 14, 2006/0 Comments/in Case Reports /by H&Z Acupuncture

Case1: Female, 62 Years old. More than 3 months after L. Knee surgery. The knee was in severe pain, swollen and had a high temperature on the skin. Immediately after her first acupuncture treatment, she felt better. After just 4  treatments,  the swelling was gone and she felt no pain. Additional 2 treatments were done to strengthen the results. E00366, August 14, 2006. H & Z Acupuncture.

Case 2: Male, 42 Years old. Chronic left knee pain as a result of reconstruction surgery for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in 1999. After his first acupuncture treatment, he felt great and was able to walk upstairs without pain. An additional 9 treatments were done to strengthen the results. Two and a half years later, when he revisited our office for other issues, he did not complain of pain in the left knee. E00370, May 27, 2009. H & Z Acupuncture.

Stress and depression caused by lost baby

Female, Y30, business manager. Lost baby during delivery 5 months ago. Stress and depression. Irregular menstruation (41 days). Estrogen level low. No ovulating. After 4 sessions of acupuncture treatment: Relaxed, happier, Estrogen level higher, ovulation observed. After a total of 14 sessions of acupuncture treatments in 3.5 months: No stress. No depression. Menstruation became regular. Pregnant. It was a girl! Mar 9, 2009.

Hiccups for more than 4 years

Hiccups occur when there are spasms of the diaphragm followed by quick, noisy closings of the glottis. For persistent hiccups, treatment is needed, particularly when the cause cannot easily be identified and corrected.

Male, Y55, had hiccups for more than 4 years. Hiccups occurred after breakfast until bed time. There were no hiccups during night time, including the time when he woke up. He had a total of 4 acupuncture treatments and was asked to not have breakfast. The hiccups stopped completely after the treatments. February 28, 2008.


Glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions that lead to damage to the optic nerve. In most cases, damage is associated with increased eye pressure that might lead to progressive, irreversible loss of vision.

57 year old, female. Was diagnosed with Glaucoma in both of her eyes. It became worse in recent several months. With eye drops, the pressure was at around 25 mm Hg in both eyes. After 4x acupuncture treatments, the eye pressure reduced to 15 mm Hg in left eye and 16 mm Hg in right eye. Additional 10x treatments in 3 months were done to enhance the effectiveness and to reduce the body weight. No high eye pressure was reported during this period of time. August 29, 2007.

Note: All of the dates in “Case Report” are the dates when the data became available, not the date when the case report was written.