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Chronic Should and Neck Pain

My chronic shoulder and neck pain bothered me so much that I was not able to sleep at night. I did not want to take muscle relaxer forever as it only provided temporary relief. I was looking for a permanent solution with the least amount of medication and no surgery, so I searched the internet for months before making my first appointment at H & Z Acupuncture. I was not expecting immediate result and thought it will take me a while to feel better. I was extremely happy to notice right after my first appointment that the pain was gone and even when it came back, it was less intense than before. After a couple of months of acupuncture and acupressure not only my shoulder and neck pain is gone but overall I feel so much better! Next time I feel pain H&Z Acupuncture will be my first stop for sure. Both doctors are very knowledgeable, they listen and care about your pain and you as a person. I highly recommend this practice to anyone.52 year old, F. November 3, 2016. E02924. H & Z Acupuncture.

Treatment of Pain

Acupuncture has always been my saving grace from pain since the 1970’s and my experience has varied with each practitioner. I have found Dr He to be an exceptional practitioner! He has an amazing ability to read your pain and zero in on easing it quickly.

In addition, the office staff are very kind and empathetic to your pain~they really care, a rarity in today’s medical arena.

If you want the best experience in Acupuncture, see Dr. He.

Valerie A, Wrigh, Jun 3, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.


Easily the best place for Accupuncture in Atlanta!!

Both doctors are incredibly skilled, very in touch with the patients needs and you leave feeling the effects of their experience.. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best.. I’ve been to many places to speak with enough credibility!!

Try them. You will not be disappointed.

Chloes M, April 27, 2017, Copy from Yelp. H & Z Acupuncture.

Knee Injury

My 14 year old son broke his knee at the growth plate. He was in excruciating pain. We are vegan, we also take no medication ever, not even an aspirin. We take excellent care of ourselves and are vibrant and well. He had never experienced pain he could not manage before, so I knew I had to explore something natural and new. I researched acupuncture and looked into where and how practioners received their training. Based upon training, medical background and experience, I choose H & Z Acupuncture. From my first phone call to my final appointment, I received kindness and professionalism. Wanyun Zhong treated my son. Of the actual treatment, my son said it felt like a mosquito bite. We had an afternoon treatment, by the next morning his excruciating pain was gone! After the second treatment, 3 days later, his swelling subsided. Within 3 weeks, his knee heeled perfectly and evenly, without the recommended ongoing surgeries from from Geogia Bone and Joint… as well as (second opinion) the recommended one time surgery from Emory University Hospital. This happened November 2016. I waited to write this review to ensure it would be an accurate account of his complete recovery. He healed perfectly! I am so thankful and I Highly recommend H&Z Acupuncture. I am now sending my friends and family. Venus Moore, April 10, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

Hip Pain

 Miracle worker! I had some hip pain that progressively got worse and then injured it further playing golf (yes, such a dangerous sport). I saw a chiropractor who after a week and three treatments, I was no better off. I couldn’t walk and was in such pain, I had to pop pain meds every night to sleep. Dr He said, “I need to reset your nervous system.” He must have put 30-40 needles in me, then left for 20-30 minutes, I fell asleep. When I got up, I was pain free. I mean 90-95% pain free. I over did it thinking I was cured and the pain partially returned. Two trips back over a the next week, and 4 months later and the pain has never returned. I can’t recommend Dr He enough. He is very knowledgeable and man does he know his stuff. Greg s, March 28, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

Chronic Jaw and Tmj Issues

This place is truly amazing. Dr He listens and checks your whole body. He has helped with my chronic jaw and Tmj issues as well as overall stress level. Give this place a shot! You won’t regret it. Lohman789, March 27, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

Low Back Pain, Neuropathy and Stress

I have been a patient of Dr. He for nearly 2 years. I first went to his clinic for low back pain and neuropathy of the hands and toes. He was able to provide significant relief for the back pain after a few treatments. Then, he concentrated on the neuropathy as well as keeping my whole system in balance. The neuropathy is much improved along with a significant reduction in my overall stress levels. I will continue treatments with Dr. He in order to maintain this improved state of well being. Thank you, Dr. He !! Van Caswell, March 26, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

Tremendous Reduction of Debilitating Issues

Initially, I was skeptical about acupuncture. One of my best friends who has been helped by acupuncture & visited Dr. Zhong & after I personally researched acupunture & Dr. Zhong’s background experience, I decided to give it a try. I must admit that I have been proved wrong! Dr. Zhong’s sterile acupuncture treatments have tremendously reduced my debilitating issues that surgeons have suggested many medications for (which have horrible side effects-medications do not treat the underlying issue & can cause other serious problems). I have had 4 treatments as of date and I am thrilled to be able to say that I have much improvement! I also felt comfortable with the the fact that Dr. Zhong & Dr. He, both have medical backgrounds not only acupuncture experience which is very beneficial! Dr. Zhong really cares & desires to provide relief. T Tee, March 16, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

Chronic Shoulder and Neck Pain

Acupuncture is the only treatment that eliminated two years of chronic shoulder and neck pain. I tried massage, physical therapy and an orthopedist with no relief. Plus both doctors were trained in neurology in China. Added bonus treatment is pain free and relaxing. Jill Wise, March 11, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

Pain Management

They actually care about making you feel better…and it works! The atmosphere is very friendly and caring, and both doctors truly seem to want to help with your pain. The acupuncture process itself is painless and comfortable. I highly recommend for pain management. Jo Bay, March 05, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.