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Chronic Pain from a Long Car Drive

Dr. He is a kind gentle man that really knows what he’s talking about. I instantly felt comfortable and in the right hands.Dr. he examined me telling me things about my body that I was very interested in. Instantly removed chronic pain from a long car drive. I highly recommend everyone go see this man. The offices are clean and project a professional atmosphere. Thanks for all your help Dr He. Copy from Yelp, John Leonard, September 12 , 2017, H & Z Acupuncture.

Sciatica Pain

I have suffered from Sciatica off and on for sometime. I had been hesitant to try acupuncture. My wife who is from Singapore (I am from the US.) researched practitioners in both Atlanta and Singapore. Since she is an Asian, we did not have the same hurdle to clear as a person born and raised here. I still was not sure that acupuncture was for me. That changed though.

I was limping with a lot of pain and I was living on ibuprofen when I went to see Dr. He. After my first visit I wondered why I waited. This is science, not some voodoo art. The staff in his practice consists of the nicest people.

I went in. Dr. He suggested a program of treatments. We kept track of my progress looking at a few measurables [I was interested mainly in how the pain was reducing].

After a few visits, I stopped using ibuprofen. My pain reduction progressed with each visit. Instead of having a stabbing pain in my hip, I felt a tightness in my hip – not pain. The visits were worthwhile. I am basically through with my own treatments but I want to go back a couple more times to treat some other things.

I like the people and I like the results.

John Leonard, September 11 , 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

My First Treatment at H & Z Acupuncture

I felt much better and much more relaxed after just one treatment. Can’t wait for the next. Sara Nolan, August 24, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

My Experience

Not only is hip inflammation gone, but Dr. Zhong throws in free advice, from soup to nuts, or, should I say, from tea to seeds. Dr. Zhong is a blessing from God. She treats the whole body, not the way Western medicine does–piece by piece. Eastern med-the whole body. Way to go!
Alt Granny, August 14, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

Severe Chronic Lower Back Pain

I tried Acupuncture before, and it didn’t seem to help with severe chronic lower back pain, but Dr. He is exceptional.
He’s moving to Alexandria, VA in about Sept. 2017, so do yourself a favor, and give it a try.
I am as skeptical as it gets, and the results are amazing with what he can do. I may end up going to Alexandria for treatment after he moves, but I hope there are others locally who can accomplish what acupuncture has the potential to do. I was not a believer before, but pain can cause desperation that can lead to breakthrough.
Mike Mix, August 14, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

Pain After Open Heart Surgery

Best pain management ever. All the pain is gone. My daughter had open heart surgery 2 years ago and has been in pain ever since. Before treatment, her pain level was at a 8 everyday. After 1 session her pain was at a 0. If you have any pain, this is the place to go.
Shay Palmer, July 31, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

Chronic Should and Neck Pain

My chronic shoulder and neck pain bothered me so much that I was not able to sleep at night. I did not want to take muscle relaxer forever as it only provided temporary relief. I was looking for a permanent solution with the least amount of medication and no surgery, so I searched the internet for months before making my first appointment at H & Z Acupuncture. I was not expecting immediate result and thought it will take me a while to feel better. I was extremely happy to notice right after my first appointment that the pain was gone and even when it came back, it was less intense than before. After a couple of months of acupuncture and acupressure not only my shoulder and neck pain is gone but overall I feel so much better! Next time I feel pain H&Z Acupuncture will be my first stop for sure. Both doctors are very knowledgeable, they listen and care about your pain and you as a person. I highly recommend this practice to anyone.52 year old, F. November 3, 2016. E02924. H & Z Acupuncture.

Treatment of Pain

Acupuncture has always been my saving grace from pain since the 1970’s and my experience has varied with each practitioner. I have found Dr He to be an exceptional practitioner! He has an amazing ability to read your pain and zero in on easing it quickly.

In addition, the office staff are very kind and empathetic to your pain~they really care, a rarity in today’s medical arena.

If you want the best experience in Acupuncture, see Dr. He.

Valerie A, Wrigh, Jun 3, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.

Chronic Low Back Pain with Sciatica

 I have suffered chronic lower back pain for years due to sciatica…had no idea. One session with Dr. He performing acupressure and acupuncture and the pain was reduced dramatically. I was at a 10 going in and walked out about a 3. That’s results! I’ll be going back for more sessions to hopefully permanently rid myself of pain. Tamika Newton, June 1, 2017, Copy from Facebook. H & Z Acupuncture.

Knee Injury

My 14 year old son broke his knee at the growth plate. He was in excruciating pain. We are vegan, we also take no medication ever, not even an aspirin. We take excellent care of ourselves and are vibrant and well. He had never experienced pain he could not manage before, so I knew I had to explore something natural and new. I researched acupuncture and looked into where and how practioners received their training. Based upon training, medical background and experience, I choose H & Z Acupuncture. From my first phone call to my final appointment, I received kindness and professionalism. Wanyun Zhong treated my son. Of the actual treatment, my son said it felt like a mosquito bite. We had an afternoon treatment, by the next morning his excruciating pain was gone! After the second treatment, 3 days later, his swelling subsided. Within 3 weeks, his knee heeled perfectly and evenly, without the recommended ongoing surgeries from from Geogia Bone and Joint… as well as (second opinion) the recommended one time surgery from Emory University Hospital. This happened November 2016. I waited to write this review to ensure it would be an accurate account of his complete recovery. He healed perfectly! I am so thankful and I Highly recommend H&Z Acupuncture. I am now sending my friends and family. Venus Moore, April 10, 2017, Copy from Google. H & Z Acupuncture.